Donation Recap

Through the Mark of Distinction Program, Markham Vineyards has donated more than $200,000 to charitable organizations connected to our consumers.  These organizations include:
The Bartlett Arboretum       $25,000
Food Rescue Direct             $25,000
Long Island Sled Hockey    $25,000
Paul Ruby Foundation         $25,000
Erie Alert                             $25,000
The New Freret                   $25,000
East Side Heart & Home     $25,000
The Cottonwood Institute    $25,000
Various Winery Donations 
The Mark of Distinction Program has also given us the opportunity to donate nearly $115,000 to charitable organizations connected with our distribution partners around the country.  These organizations include:
City of Hope                                     $4,010
Make It Right Foundation                $10,000
United Way of America                    $5,000
Sylvester Cancer Center                   $44,655
UCP of Central Florida                     $1,800
Hawaii Food Bank                            $633
New Leaders for New Schools         $35,316
Vine Village                                      $11,117
Foundation for Burns and Trauma   $2,291